Monday, April 20, 2009

Please Don't Misinterpret This Also

I did not wake up last Thursday morning planning on pissing people off. But
things don’t always go according to plan.

I was going to be away from a computer all Friday, and I was busy Thursday
afternoon. And I had only completed one of my two required blog entries for my English class. I had to write my second one… and fast! Too add to my stress, I had no topics left in my very limited stash of topics. To find a topic, I started
thinking of things that left any possible impression in my mind… I didn’t need
to have strong feelings about anything to write about it, just enough info to rant about for a little while. I saw a booth at campus that was trading novels for peoples' religious texts with a sign that said, “fiction for fiction.”

Being a religious person, this caught my attention a little. Yes, I was a
little offended. A book that I base my morals and standards on was being
accused to be fiction. I didn’t get terribly offended because I didn’t care
enough. And If I had cared enough, I might have stopped by and heard what they
were about.

Anyway, this brief interaction did not make me too upset, however, it
inadvertently gave me a topic to write about. So I sat down at my computer and
cranked out 500 words bashing “fiction for fiction.” Not bashing anyone in
particular, just my opinion. But a stretched out, over exaggerated, unnecessarily
rude, rant. Like most of my blogs. I wanted to say I was a little offended by accusing my religion to be fiction. However add a whole lot more words and exaggerations, and the result is a lot more offensive.

I admit that I wrote it in a hurry and it was far from one of my better blogs. There were a quite a few holes in my logic to say the least.

As this blog is for my English class, I wrote it with the audience being by
classmates and teacher. I never thought that the person who set up that booth
would read it, just my class. However, the organizer for the event that I had
bashed had found the blog. I don’t know how. But I think that it must have
been not even half an hour before she had an entry on her blog ridiculing me
and my blog that I feel so strongly about. She told me to read it. I didn’t.
It was really long. I could tell that the blog was bashing people that bashed
her (bashing them in the same manner that they bash her). I also didn’t read
it because it was about something I didn’t even care about in the first place.
But when I got to class after the events had settled, a classmate told me that
the blog was about me. She had written 60 billion words about me! I was not serious about my opinion. I’m one of the most laid back people, and she was so upset about something I half-heartedly said.

Sorry If I have perpetuated everything, but I'm just writing an over exaggerated, unnecessarily rude, rant.

I pissed off a lot of cyber peeps.


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  2. were even linked for being made angry...I would almost take this as a compliment...because you know you really hit a nerve when someone is blogging about you.

    Personally I read your post about this event and agreed with you for the most part. I was kind of offended...but then shrugged it off going hey, I have my opinions they do too.

    I too started to read the clarification of the event and was drowned out in lots of words. I sort of get what they were doing, and good for them. Who's to stop them? But that didn't stop me from being peturbed just as I'm sure your counter blog won't stop them from being peturbed.

    I just find it all amazing...but look at the bright least now you know people outside class are reading your blog. =P

    You're a good person for apologizing on an opinion that doesn't effect many people. Kudos on that.

    Also, apologies should this comment cause you anymore issues or complaints...just delete it if it does. >.< But I too have a requirement to reach for the class...comments, I just found this commentable. haha.

    Well, happy continuance to your amusing, ranting blogs.