Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fiction For Fiction

Not everyone is smart, but everyone has a strong stance on about every topic. Whether it’s evolution, global warming, or religion; you always have a stance on these topics. Listening to people talk, I hear people voicing their opinion on evolution; accusing it to be either true or false based on what little knowledge they have about it. Everyday civilians comment on how global warming is a conspiracy, despite professionals swearing to it. The worst of these is religion.

Religion is one thing that none of us seem to agree on, but we still have to make our voice heard. Even if you don’t believe anything, that must also be vocalized. I saw a quintessential example of this at campus yesterday. Some opinionated enthusiasts were sitting at a booth outside of the “class of ‘50” with a sign that read, “Fiction for Fiction; trade your religious texts for fictional novels.” That was probably the most useless and offensive table set up that I’ve ever seen.

What could these people’s point possibly be? Are they saying religion is fiction? I would have to dumber than them not to realize that that was their point. I’m not going to come down on them for voicing their opinion, except that the entire basis of their opinion is to oppose another. This “fiction for fiction” trade is the opposition to organized religion like, for example, pro-life opposes pro- choice. The opposing parties involved in that example believe different things, which happen to be the opposite. One party didn’t form due to an opinion they held and that being the sole cause of the other party’s formation.

What is this “fiction for fiction” table’s goal? Are they trying to spread the word that religion is fake? What would people’s reaction be if equally as zealous people went exclaiming their religion to the campus? These people are now on the same arrogance level as the bible thumpers that they oppose.

I don’t know if atheists have a holy book, but if they do, I’d like to bring it to that table. And see what fiction novel they give me in return for my fiction book.

I wonder why they didn’t just set up a table that said, “don’t talk to me, you won’t like me.” It would have gotten their point across better.

However, I wasn’t terribly offended. If some brainless college kids think that religion is a hoax, then I’m not at all surprised. College students are probably the least religious group of individuals in our nation. Think about it in this sense; these kids are enjoying their newfound freedom that comes along with leaving home and becoming an adult. They can do whatever they want, so why would they want some greater power in charge of them?

This is just how I perceive all of this in order to not get too upset about people claiming my religion is “fiction.”


  1. Hey, so I'm the student who organized this event, and it's obvious that you didn't take the time to read any of our signs or flyers, or talk to people working the table. Maybe you'd like to read my clarification on why we were doing the event, and why some of your statements are kind of unfounded and silly:

    Of course, you think I'm "stupid", "brainless", and "offensive", so you'll probably just continue making assumptions =)

    Have a great day!

  2. Why do you believe in God? That's the fundamental question.