Monday, April 6, 2009

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure... The Most Adventurous Blog On Blogger

Don’t be intimidated by the length of this blog… By design, you don’t have to read all of it. It’s a “choose your own adventure;” in blog form. I was going to write about the dismal state of our economy, but if you didn’t know that our economy was in the crapper, then you have been living in a shell for the past life time. If you have never read a “choose your own adventure,” It’s easy to play. You have two options. Pick one, and follow the directions. Now do you feel adventurous?

Start here:
1.) It’s a gloomy weekday afternoon. The rain has just recently subsided. You step outside your room and see a magnificently gay rainbow. You…
Feel adventurous and decide to follow it in hopes of a pot of gold at the end. (proceed to step 4)
Go back inside because you are a vampire. (Proceed to step 7)

2.) You wake up and realize that it was all just a dream. Duh! Dragons don’t exist! But I had you going right?!?!?!

3.) You walk into the Chinese restaurant and have an absolutely satisfying buffet. You…
Grab a fortune cookie to top off the meal. (Proceed to step 9)
Leave and continue on towards the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (Proceed to step 4)

4.) It seems as if you never reach the rainbow. Nearing the end of a tiring journey, you see what appears to be a pot of gold a quarter of a mile ahead of you and a Chinese restaurant just to your left. You decide to…
Venture on to the pot of gold. (Proceed to step 12)
Go to the Chinese restaurant. (Proceed to step 3)

5.)Lucky numbers are 2, 5, 19, 21, and 13. You decide to…
Try your luck with the lottery with your lucky numbers. (proceed to step 11)
Head back to the dorm and sleep off the enormous buffet of fried rice and general tso’s chicken you just enjoyed. (proceed to step 10)

6.) Your friend notices a magnificently gay rainbow and suggests that you both follow it. You…
Decide that it is futile to attempt to chase fate any longer and follow the rainbow. (proceed to step 4)
Ditch your friend at try your luck at the lottery. (proceed to step 11)

7.) Someone had placed garlic in your room. People ridicule you endlessly for being a vampire. You can’t return to your room so you go to…
A Chinese restaurant (proceed to step 3)
A friend’s room to avoid the garlic and have someone to hang out with. (proceed to step 6)

8.) That it terribly sad. That person was perfect for you. You live alone. With only your pet cats to keep you company.

9. ) The fortune cookie says…
“you are an inspiration to many” (proceed to step 5)
“the only thing you fear is your own inability to climb the mountain.” (proceed to step 6)

10.) You have an enjoyable nap. This is where your journey ends. Hope you had fun. Hope this was better than what you could have been doing in reality.

11.) You won the lottery big time! Ten Billion dollars! You…
Invest it in helping the homeless (proceed to step 14)
You hoard it. (proceed to step 15)

12.) You have finally found the pot of gold! Congratulations! Only it isn’t gold. It’s a magic Jeanie. You have one wish. You wish for….
Ten billion dollars. (proceed to step 15)
Love (proceed to step 13)

13.) You meet the woman/man or your dreams. You…
Fall asleep in their arms (proceed to step 10)
There is a tangible distance between you. It eats at you. You can’t take it any longer. Maybe there is someone else out there for you… (proceed to step 17)

14.) Your sojourn volunteering at the homeless shelter is abruptly interrupted by a dragon. You…
Pick up a sword that a hobo bought on the black market and accept the dragon as a worthy opponent (proceed to step 18)
Run for your life and return to your room. (proceed to step 1)

15.) You have 10 billion dollars. Good for you, but money can’t buy you love. This is the end of your journey. Hope you enjoyed the footsteps of fate.

16.) I forgot step 16… Opps!

17.) You find end it off with them. As you leave them, you find someone better… someone perfect for you. You…
Take a chance on them (proceed to step 13)
Are too distraught after a brutal breakup and can’t but your heart on the line. (proceed to step 8)

18. The dragon is a fierce competitor. The battle abides throughout the day. You tire and but take on last swing at the dragon. It was more than he could take. The dragon falls at your feet. In your state of immesureable exhaustion, you…
Fall asleep. (proceed to step 2)
Brew a strong cup of coffee and venture on to see what is at the end of the rainbow. (proceed to step 4)

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